Explore Svanetia

This itinerary is not an easy walk in the mountains, but everybody can make it. in some part we will walk on good roads, in some other parts we will progress on real mountain trails. Every day you will be able to see Svans settlements, which remind more Middle Age then modern days. You will try everything: crossing rivers, climbing up to passes and so on. Svanetia is an incredible beautiful part of Georgia and we advice to everybody to make this itinerary at least once.

Itinerary: Kutaisi > Mestia > Chvabiani > Adishi > Iprali > Ushguli > Chvelpi > Lentekhi > Kutaisi

Day 1

Kutaisi > Mestia (1400 m)

Déplacement en véhicule

Duration: approximately 6 hours

We will meet in Kutaisi and take a bus (or mini-bus) to Mestia, capital and tourist centre of Svanetia. Arriving to Mestia, the accommodation will be provided in guest-house and we plan a time to rest. From here will start our trip around Svanetia.

Day 2

Mestia > Chvabiani (1600 m)

Denivelée postive: approximately 400 m

Denivelée négative: approximately 200 m

Distance: approximately 15 km

Duration: approximately 5 hours

After breakfast we will start to explore amenities of Upper Svanetia. Ascend step by step and enjoy beautiful views of mountains around, small villages and Svan towers, which hasn’t any analogs in the world. Our final destination for this day is the village of Zabeshi; the altitude is about 1600 m. The trail from Mestia will be around 13 km.

Day 3

Chvabiani > Adishi (2100 m) via Tetnuldi (2400 m)

Denivelée postive: approximately 800 m

Denivelée négative: approximately 500 m

Distance: approximately 20 km

Duration: approximately 8 hours

Observe amazing landscape of main Caucasian range we will climb up. We will have opportunity to explore deep local flora and fauna. Our trail will go through the ski-resort Tetnuldi. This is will be our highest point for the day. There we can make one stop for snacks and continue to the next village Adishi. Adishi is a small and very authentic village, and here was written the oldest Gospels in Georgia in the end of IX century. The accommodation will be provided in a local guest-house for the night.

Day 4

Adishi > Chkutnieri Pass (2720 m) > Khalde (1900 m) and Iprali (1900 m)

Denivelée postive: approximately 700 m

Denivelée négative : approximately 800 m

Distance: approximately 15 km

Duration: approximately 8 hours

We will start our day with walk on the right side of the river Adishischali, then cross the river and continue on the left side of same river. River we will cross many times, and be sure that your legs will be wet. But you will forget about this troubles very fast, in comparison with glory of Svanetia. We will cross the pass and in the second part of the day will see ruins of rebellious svan settlement Khalde. 3 km after Khalde and hospitality guest-house in Iprali will welcome you for night. All trek for today will take 14 km.

Day 5

Iprali > Ushguli (2200 m)

Denivelée postive: approximately 400 m

Denivelée négative : 100 m

Distance: approximately 13 km

Duration: approximately 5 hours

Today we wondering architecture ensemble will wait us in svan community – Ushguli. Ushguli is second highest settlement in Europe. The village is located in altitude 2200 meters high. In Ushguli a lot of old towers, which is have a good neighbourhood with farm houses. And also very old church Lamaria – church of Holi Mother. For the day we will cover 9,5 km.

Day 6

Ushgouli > Gorvashi Pass (2899 m) > Latphari lakes (2830 m) > Chvelpi (1100 m)

Denivelée postive: approximately 800 m

Denivelée négative : approximately 1900 m

Distance: approximately 22 km

Duration: approximately 9 à 10 hours

Crossing Ushguli Valley we slowly going up to the lakes and surmount the Svan ridge. Today our direction is Low Svaneti and village Chvelpi, we finally we can take a rest.

Day 7

Chvelpi > Lentekhi after Lentekhi > Kutaisi

Déplacement en vehicule

Duration: approximately 2 hours to Lentekhi, and approximately 3 hours to Kutasi.

From Chvelpi we will go by truck to Lentekhi, and here our itinerary will be finish. From Lentekhi, you can continue your own trip in different parts of Georgia, explore the culture or take a rest on the sea. 

from June, 15 till August, 30 2019

 450 Euros TTC per person, réservation souhaitée deux mois avant le début du séjour (participation 10%)


  • all transportation (aller/retour depuis Koutaïssi, déplacements en trek); 
  • nourriture durant le trek; 
  • hébergement en gîtes locaux;
  • deux encadrants professionnels : un guide de montagne et une guide touristique traductrice.

Non inclus:

  • vol pour la Géorgie et transfert depuis l’aéroport à Koutaïssi;
  • assurance médicale et assurance rapatriement;
  • boissons sucrées ou alcoolisées (en dehors des thés ou cafés du petit-déjeuner inclus)
  • nourriture du premier jour (petit déjeuner individuel, déjeuner sur la route et dîner au restaurant);
  • nourriture d’appoint en dehors des trois repas journaliers de trek (barres de céréales, chocolat, fruits secs, etc.);
  • pourboires et dépenses personnelles (souvenirs, extras de nourriture etc.);
  • entrée optionnelle payante au musée d’Oushgouli (5 Laris, soit environ 2 Euros).

Liste du matériel suggéré :

  • chaussures de randonnée à tige haute et imperméables (obligatoire)
  • sac à dos minimum 60 litres
  • gourde et/ou Camel Bak, thermos
  • casquette ou chapeau, bonnet, gants
  • lunettes de soleil et crème solaire
  • lampe torche ou frontale (+piles)
  • chaussettes de randonnée et rechange (3 paires)
  • vêtements de marche (pantalon, T-shirt, sweat-shirt etc.)
  • kit de pansements et anti-ampoules
  • pantalon imperméable et/ou guêtres
  • claquettes ou chaussures légères étanches (traversées de ruisseaux et gîtes)
  • vêtements de pluie (pantalon, veste, protection du sac etc.)
  • 2 boîtes hermétiques (Tupperware) pour les déjeuners (achat possible sur place)
  • monnaie d’appoint en GEL (Lari) pour musée, extras de nourriture, boissons, souvenirs etc.
  • bâtons de marche

Auteur: Pierre Bazot